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To Portland we go!

30 Oct

This is the day I started my roadtrip to Portland. Dan, Adam and I wrapped up our stuff from Pennsylvania and decided to move across the country. This has been the best decision I’ve made since I went nuts and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to New York. I’ve been immersed inside a hole of thick blackness, depression and suicidal thoughts. I learned what went wrong. I abandoned myself into a life that wasn’t mine, and forgot about all the dreams I came to New York for. I fell into a life of dependency, solitude and nihilism, and I looked through myself and learned 10x more about who I am and what I want from life. Now I am back to school after a break of two years, having self-taught myself photography through the art of self-portraiture. I am writing research papers about what I’m reading, learning and hoping to go for. I am in need to travel, write, photograph and change the world. I am in need to love and be loved, but not exclusive to that necessity. I just desire it. I want it. I am a loving person, and I love to be loved back. But I am trying not to depend on it to still be the powerful human being that I am. Cause I am a powerful human being. And I hope to reflect it on all of these self-portraits that I’m sharing with all of you. I show all my weaknesses, my strengths and my deepest desires. And I’d love you to do the same.


Have a good weekend, and enjoy Mallary’s week! (Starting out tomorrow!)


Sin precedencia

29 Oct


© 2010 MagaSoto

The Self-Captured Project 2010

Frida Kahlo and Self-Portraiture

28 Oct

As a local Mexican art critic wrote at the time of Frida’s first and last exposition in her home country, “It is impossible to separate the life and the work of this extraordinary person. Her paintings are her biography.”. Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential examples in the art of self-portraiture to me. She lived a life full of disgraces -both physical and emotional- that characterized her work the way a personal journal could have worked for everyone else. Her perception of herself is a prove of hours spent on her own that allowed her mind to focus on the philosophy of pain that ruled her life. She started painting to support her family, facing all the challenges she had to while having an ill parent and a whole dysfunctional body herself. She found happiness in what she did, and got attached to a love that would be the cause and cure of most of her depressions. Living an unstable life, she still had herself and the power of self-expression, outcoming all the inconveniences that a conservative and traditionalist background could do to her personality.

These are some of my favorites:

This one really makes me think of how she felt about life.

Right after having a violent and involuntary abortion due to her difficult physical condition.

“Mira que si te quise fue por el pelo, y ahora que estas pelona ya no te quiero” + musical staff.

This one was painted after her divorce with Diego Rivera. She struggled with the image of his ex-husband having an affair with her sister and best friend for the rest of her life.

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” – this is exactly the way I write.

It’s not that I’m writing this to bring up anything new about Firda’s biography. There’s lots of information about her written in a much more insightful way. I am writing this because I understand Frida’s pain and connect with her in a very strong level thanks to her self-portraits. I believe in her suffering and see her escapism and thoughtfulness on painting herself. And I think this is a great reflection of what I’m trying to do here. I take pictures of myself and write something along because I find it very important to my own awareness. Some of them are happy, some others aren’t, but they are all mine and have a very powerful impact on me. I find myself in perfect peace with my own being, and I would like everyone else to do the same.

In her last diary entry she wrote “I hope the end is joyful – and I hope never to come back – Frida.”


28 Oct

Self-Portrait submitted by Marta Lilly

The Self-Captured Team

In my home, to be me

26 Oct

Sponsors the freedom I pull myself in,

It tastes my lips and relaxes my skin,

As I look up the window,

And hear the drops fall.


I am the only one here. There’s no judgment involved.


Truth in the eyes

25 Oct

Several years ago, I wondered at the possibility of conveying such a foundational thought that it might generate a substantial dent in the shelter of another individual’s coat of armor. I mean, is it possible to create such an air of conviction in another with a complete void of emotional baggage that seems to invade such personal interaction? In this reflection, one adult and one child are on that level without even perceiving the power in such interaction. The command of such weaponry is the victory of the future and the possible defeat of such innocence, for if the adult remains unaware of his influential potential, the opportunity for such foundational expression is forever vanished. I will suffer for that loss for every day that I live.

Submitted by Clarke Danner


24 Oct



The theme I’m focusing on this week is going to be around the concept of misplacement, a term that lives inside my own identity and shapes it however it wants all the time.