Like The Phoenix

13 Nov

My heart is a battleground,
Where I am constantly fighting with myself
Over what is right and what is easy.
Time moves on in haste and shows no mercy to me,
As my one thread of innocence begins to untangle.
The one thread that holds me,
Held me,
To you.
My morals now begin to be my burden,
As I lose my faith in hope.
The phoenix dances with anxiousness as the sun smiles upon me,
Yet I feel cautious of every move I make.
I find my mind racing with questions,
As my heart remembers a time when there was none.
It’s not that I’m afraid, I just worry…
I feel as if I’m falling into a new realm,
Filled with more than I’ll ever know,
…yet I do not fear a thing;
nothing is like before.
I wish for nothing more than my sanctuary,
But it’s impossible to reach it again since it is not really a place,
….but rather a time.
A time where fear was never a question,
A time when morals were a given,
A time filled with endless content ness and miles of imagination,
Where you could lose the line between reality and fiction…
And yet be consumed by bliss.
….And yet I fight to go back purposelessly.
It’s hard to go forward when there was so much behind,
And yet…
So little.
I wait for a time when lies melt away,
so I hope I find that in you.
I grab a four leaf clover for protection,
And wait for your return by sea.
I gravel on the sands of time
and shed a tear for what I have lost,
and I pick myself up with courage for what I have gained.
The blossom tree throws flower petals down on me in understanding comfort,
As I am lifted up by my white and black wings.
Let’s hope,
For the both of us…
That tomorrow will be as blue
as the skies I am flying in now.


Submitted by  Jessica Jane Geiger


2 Responses to “Like The Phoenix”

  1. self-captured November 13, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    This is great Jessica. Thank you!


  2. self-captured November 13, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    i love the words with this. very much enjoyed reading it. thank you for submitting!


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