Train of Thought

10 Dec

A happy accident? Sitting in an Amtrak, traveling north from Portland to Seattle. The sun hitting just right, reflecting my image onto the window that I was staring out of. A series of photos taken from a high speed captured me melded with the northwest scenery. But one stood out. I had seemingly become one with a tree, the symmetry perfect as if I were the roots to those branches. The image resonated immediately with my inner self and still inspires me each time I look at it. It inspires me to be true to myself, to stay grounded, to get outside and take a walk, and to smile at all of life’s little happy accidents if that is what they indeed are.

Submitted by Emilia Biavaschi.

Artist´s Statement:

Often, in an attempt to distract myself by looking outward, I find myself instead looking inward. A distraction of a different sort. An interruption from the overwhelming outside world by introspection. And though inward looking can also overwhelm, the benefits of self-discovery lead to growth and understanding, at least that’s the hope.

Thus accidental self-portraits abound in my collection of photos.


2 Responses to “Train of Thought”

  1. cudnovati December 10, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    i would have never thought this was in a moving train. you do stand out, i´m so glad to read this inspires you every time. thank you for submitting it.

  2. 12 North Photography December 14, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    Great Shot!

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