Stairway to Self Discovery

15 Dec

“When my time to die is near, I will not grieve. I will accept my fate calmly, and when my body is gone, I will rejoice to join the symphony of time contained in every living, breathing body. My heart will sing at the thought of joining the matter of dinosaurs, the cavemen, the uncountable men and women long since dead-each with his own story, and each part of the remarkable pageant of time in which we are not players, but mere specks of dust existing in a temporary world until we are freed of our bodies and allowed to join in the history of time-to be one with a delicate flower, a soaring bird, a mighty redwood tree, and every star and planet of the galaxy.”

– J.B.L. 1/2/91-3/30/10
Pinhole camera and 10 mins exposure.

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