I go by the name of Maga when it comes to Art or passions. I grew up in Barcelona until I was 19. Then, I decided to start a new learning experience out of the limiting walls of textbooks and classrooms. I then moved to New York, the city where everything was happening. I studied a One Year Filmmaking program that gave me the chance to learn a pretty good English and meet some interesting characters, but it wasn’t enough in terms of academic content.  I isolated myself out in a big house surrounded by big wild nature monsters for six months, hoping to think, write, learn and grow. Solitude is always a good Professor. That’s how I first got into Photography. I took my new SLR and self-taught myself the art of the image in both sides of the camera, and discovered a whole new world involving my body, my mind and my skills. Now I’m living in Portland, OR, as of September 1st to start out in a smaller, greener community, within the independent and broke film/photo/writing scene, while I hold on to my student visa. I am in Portland State University hoping to major in Spanish and Latin American Studies (and probably minor in Film). I teach Spanish, I take pictures and I blog. I’m in serious pathologic love with the sound, the look and the smell of words and the image I create with them.

Oh, yes. And I want to change the world somehow.

Photography Portfolio and Prints

My name is Mallary Danner. I live in Portland, Oregon right now. I have always been a part of art in some shape or form. I started off painting, went to school for printmaking for a year, I taught myself screen printing and then photography. When I entered a national photography contest over a year ago and made a bet with myself that if I won I would stick with photography. Sure enough, I wont the grand prize and used the prize money to buy my camera and studio equipment I have now. I just finished a year long photography school and I am trying to fully immerse myself in any and all art projects I can. I am a huge fan of multimedia and don’t like to limit myself to just one type of art. Right now, I work as a free lance photography and manage a coffee shop and bar full time here in Portland.
I love the concept of self portraiture because it is something that anyone can participate in. Especially in the capacity of this blog. This goes beyond a simple image of oneself and into the realm of self expression and exploration. If we can create an atmosphere where people strive to not only be a part of an image but make their bodies a part of art, then we are successful. It is a way to make ourselves eternal. It makes us immortal. We turn ourselves into something greater and surpass the world entirely.

My Website

Cudnovati (the actual serbo-croatian word is čudnovati, meaning strange/weird) is an unaccomplished filmmaker and animal lover. Born and raised in Mexico City. He never refers to himself in third person, just this once, it felt right… now the moment is gone.

I always knew i wanted to be a filmmaker, i had no other options. There is something about life´s tiny moments that has always been an inspiration, those little things that usually make all the difference between gaining something or losing something. That is what i write about.
Photography is the other big passion of mine, i look for truth and rawness in any form. This self-captured project aims for that, as far as i´m concerned, tiny moments of self exposure and truth, if we are lucky.


I’m Mary, born and raised in Barquisimeto – Venezuela.

I travel, work and day wonder mostly everyday. I sink and float and i ended up finding myself in photography by coincidence, ended up working a bit more on it due many reasons, for school projects and then i figured most of my photography is actually driven by feelings, there is something about shooting that if i don’t feel right i certainly can’t take decent pictures, however sometimes you have to force it, specially for working situations.

I’m a graphic designer and i shoot weddings along other things for a living, i’m just trying to find the place and space to develop more my inner self as an artist, human being and all the others that come in between.

You can see more of my photography in my Flickr Gallery while i keep trying to finish my Website.


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  1. self-captured October 24, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    I love that none of us really showed our faces.

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