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Just a tribute

8 Feb

It’s been a few weeks now since Hope is gone!

I didn’t take much pictures of us, but this one is one of those pics where i can clearly see how much of a shelter she was to me so many times. I hope you are happy wherever you are my dear.

She was the daughter of my traveling life, she will be wherever i travel to now.



23 Jan

I feel like such a mess right now.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s just… there is really no other way to describe it. I am completely overwhelmed with things in life that are good and bad.

I use to hate being a mess.

Now I don’t mind.

It makes me feel ok I guess. Like there is motion in my life.

It makes me feel like I’m in a little box sometimes. Like I can not maneuver very well.

But we do what we can I guess.

So yeah, right now I’m just a mess in both good and bad ways, and I’m sure my pictures will reflect that this week.


17 Jan

You, and I.
The Sun will provide the rest.

The Horror Part 1

28 Dec

Everyone has been posting very serious or intimate things which I love, but sometimes we have to get silly. I have so many things going on in my head and so many things I’m trying to accomplish in my life that there are a few things that fall by the wayside. Like my house. I have no time to clean it, and the time I do have, I usually spend trying to take a nap after sleeping for 4 hours the previous night or trying to have some sort of social life. So this week, in light of the looming new year my self portraits are going to be about the things I have neglected in my life. And in the spirit of 2011 resolutions, I am going to try and make these things more common in my daily routine. So, the first of these horrors is cleaning.




"Even though she tried desperately to escape...."

"The laundry always seemed to find her...."


"Oh the horror of the looming bathroom...sinks and cat boxes...and dare she move the shower curtain...

"But she must be brave! She must conquer her fears...if she didn't come out, would there be one brave enough to go and find her?"

"But the kitchen was the true evil... always needing to be cleaned...everyday it regenerated it's mess....


"Dare she tempt fate and the wrath of the gods and try and clean out her refrigerator....?


"Oh the horror of it all! The house wins once again...."

Is it too bad?

19 Dec

Is it too bad
that I want this view everyday,
that I might want to settle down
Some times
with you
with this place
with these people…

and that as I grow up
my ambitions want to take shape
with you
with this place
with these people…

Is it too bad?
If some times I just want
to make sure,
there’s a home waiting for me,
someone to get back to
after I fail at being mediocre.

Is it weakness?
Is that what it is?
Is this how I am?

And… is this why I can’t stop feeling sorry for being a sucker,
for you
for this place
for these people.

About rain and gutters

10 Dec

…appreciate them.

Story of my Life

8 Dec

This was a research shot from a uni project called Story of my Life.
Cronenberg / film noir inspired, exploring the idea of merging reality and film / tv.
Having AvPd means I have a tendency to get obsessed with becoming other people, including fictional characters.

Submitted by Lucy