The Self-Captured Project is meant to be collaborative, so we all want to see your ideas.

The image needs to have some basic quality. We understand this might be very subjective, but let’s be clear: This is an art project. This is all about sharing with the world your concept of Art and about yourself. However, you don’t have to be an “artist” to be published. The only real requirement is that we appreciate it as a good way of self-expression. We want to know something about you, and we want you to spend the time to set up a camera (or an i-phone, photo booth, etc), and take a look to yourself. Then, we also want you to look at the results, and see what you think of it. You might want to write a word, a sentence, a story or a novel attached to the picture. Whatever it is, we’re deeply interested in it.


Send all submissions, questions and suggestions at


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